The hardest goodbyes

If you’re not a pet lover stop reading now because you just won’t get this! If you are you’ll understand how hard it is to make that decision that it’s time to let them go.

It’s weighing up the balance and trying to decide when it falls against quality of life. If you let them go a day too soon you can’t give that time back to them. If you let them go on too long they’re suffering needlessly.

This photo breaks my heart and yet warms it at the same time. The final moments spent with these two wee rescues before we let them both go. One 18 and only with us 15 months, the other 17 and came to us as an unwanted pup who was being drowned.

It took several trips to the vet with both before I agreed that we were at the end of the road. My husband and I spent the morning in the garden with them in the sunshine, then let them go to their beds and held them gently as the vet released them from their pain.

So where is the comfort in this? It is in the memories they left us with. The days spent walking with a joyful girl who loved life and was full of energy until the end.

The joy of having seen an elderly dog who had lost her family and her home, blossoming again when she realised she was once again home.

The laughter at the antics of the tiny pup learning to climb stairs without tumbling back down each one. The antics of a little old lady who loved nothing more than a rummage in the rubbish in case a model of food had accidentally been thrown away.

The comfort of a little wet nose pushed into your hand when you were feeling a bit low.

I do regret that we didn’t have enough time together but whether that time was 17 years or 15 months it was time worth having.

10 things I’ve least enjoyed about having pets

  1. The horror of going to the loo after your guests have used it and finding that the cat food you thought you’d flushed down it earlier is still floating suspiciously in the bowl 😳
  2. The look on the face of the delivery man standing outside your door as you are screaming abuse while on your hands and knees cleaning the floor…… wearing an Eeyore onesie……whilst a 10 stone Newfoundland ( the canine version not a slim Canadian) is attempting to hump you. Multi-tasking at its not so finest.
  3. The face of the vet when she realises that your huge handbag is in fact a very large leopard tortoise which you’d like her to examine.
  4. The face on the other vet when the tumour you’re concerned about under the tail of your little poodle cross is in fact a dangling turd.
  5. Having to repeatedly apologise to your neighbour because the Newfoundland had yet again managed to escape and was once more paddling in his fish pond
  6. The disbelief on the face of the policeman who comes to the door with that same Newfoundland who was causing an obstruction on the road ……..And you tell him you didn’t notice he was missing.
  7. The disgust on the faces of your husband and son when the Newfoundland (again) goes missing one Sunday morning so you have them trekking fields and climbing fences to find him…..Then you tell them you’d better let your daughter know as she was going to take him to the beach……..and only at that point you notice his lead and harness are also missing.
  8. The terror you feel when you discover the Newfoundland ( him again) has eaten all your boxer’s beef-flavoured heart medication ……And your vet informs you they’re a bit like Viagra…….. “so don’t be bending over in front of him for a few days”
  9. The embarrassment when you’re out with your daughter and her puppy /your ex foster pup and you realise that the small child is not do much excited by the puppy greeting him but distraught by the fact that the puppy has just stolen his Cornish pasty.
  10. The heartache you feel each time you have to say goodbye to a much-loved companion who you could never have enough time on this earth with 🌈

But yes I’d do it all again in a heartbeat ❤️