The guilty dog

So I know that dogs don’t really experience a sense of “guilt”. They live in the moment. What’s done is in the past……forgotten…..not related to them. They react to our reaction….tone of voice ….body language.

Now we have 4 dogs and nighttime’s are complex. Maisie the collie likes to sleep on our bed and if the door is closed to her she’ll go to my son instead. Bertie the jrt x chihuahua needs a bed big enough for his ego so he has the spare room all to himself.

Tiny sleeps with my youngest (adult) son because he’s the only one willing to take the chance on a wee bladder accident during the night. ( hers…..he hasn’t had that problem in many years).

Finn (the elderly newfy) sleeps on the rug at the bottom of the stairs. This works well unless Maisie or Bertie need the loo. They then have to bark for someone to move Finn and let them out…..unless it’s an emergency.

Last night we had an emergency. I got up this morning to be greeted with a little runny “present” next to the loo.

Now my whole house was struck down with a pretty nasty tummy bug this past week but I was pretty sure as adults we’d all manage to make it to the toilet…..or at least we’d have managed not to leave the evidence of our failure behind.

Instinctively I said crossly “Who did this?” Looked around and saw Maisie watching me with the typical “guilty dog” look!

“Maisie” I admonished and she hung her head in “shame”.

I cleaned up without another word then said “It’s ok let’s go”

A little shadow emerged from behind Maisie, licked her face apologetically, wagged his tail then charged off happily………and I thought about which dog had refused to leave my side during the course of the bug. Which one had curled up against my tummy under the covers like a little hot water bottle? Which one had I noticed had a gurgly tummy last night ? 🤔😳😂

Doggy dilemas

Sitting downstairs from 6.30 am with this one on my knee because….as an older lady…..she has perfected the “if you don’t come down I may be going to pee in the house but actually I just think you should feed me and give me a cuddle” bark…….And I can’t take any chances. Not only that but my Newfoundland ( who is also elderly) doesn’t appreciate the early morning barking either. He assumes she is aware of danger and he needs to take action……. Like find somewhere to hide or find someone to protect him!

Meanwhile this boy feels the need to gather as many of my clothes as his tiny body can drag to my bed. As I was sorting out my wardrobe yesterday he’s obviously been too busy to get much sleep last night!

For those who don’t know me I currently have 4 dogs……Or rather they currently have me. I love them all very much and they all have very different petsonalities……But after a night out on the town with a few glasses of red wine I could do without the early morning alarm call! So next time she does this I shall put my head under the pillow and ignore them both……..Though that may be difficult if the newfy tries to get into bed with us as he has done before when terrified 😫

Teed off

Marriage tip -Don’t let your husband play golf near anywhere you love to walk.

Me, walking, enjoying the mountains, the sand dunes with the sea appearing, the sound of the birds, the sound of the waves …….And him rabbiting on “Can you see that green over there that’s where Jonny…….” “Look at the the tee box…..when I teed off from there……”

I’m pretty teed off myself! Thank goodness dogs don’t golf! Stick with the dogs for walking …..You may have to pick up 💩 but you want have to listen to it 🙉

PS I love him really ❤️

Dogs, dogs and more dogs

My family think I’m obsessed with dogs which is totally nonsense. I’m not obsessed with them at all……I just like them that’s all……quite a lot.

Most dogs like me too. That’s the reason I have to stop to say hello to them. I can see them looking at me as I walk past……Not in a passing glance sort of way but in a very definite “Yoohoo I’m over here” way! It would be hurtful to ignore that!

My husband was adamant I should at least have tried to ignore it at LA airport security but the beautiful springer spaniel was determined I should talk to him before he carried out his search duties….Which did cause both my husband and the security guard a few anxious moments.

I wonder if I’ve been a dog in a past life? Is that why I have that affinity with them? I don’t generally sniff lampposts or greet people with a nose up their bottom but I do like eating, sleeping, going for walks and being made a fuss off. To be fair in my other past life working with young children I have followed a few around, nose close to bottom height sniffing -not my favourite part of the job 😷 💩

Anyway I’m certainly not obsessed with dogs- despite the fact my son just told me that his friend says he tells his new pup “just a quick hello then walk on” is appropriate on meeting another dog. ” Just like we need to keep reminding you mum!”

Dogs and disasters on the world wide web

This is Barney. I’ve always loved cocker spaniels from an early age. One day I decided that I would like to get one. So I got Barney. Not a rescue dog but a pup from a small “hobby breeder” who had two beautiful bitches that he showed. I did my homework, pre-internet and gumtree days, before I choose the breeder and the pup.

Barney came with a pedigree as long as your arm but it was still no guarantee of healthy dog. My poor wee man took his first seizure at 6 months and died at just 4 despite all the medication he was on having gone into “status epilepticus” or constant seizures.

But this isn’t about pedigree v mongrel, rescue v buying or about Barney’s ill health …except that it was mainly because of Barney I began to use the internet and became familiar with Google……Possibly over familiar 🤔

Barney was a black cocker and was hairier than the average cocker. He was also slightly on the large side. People were always asking me what breed he was……I was so delighted to meet one lady in the park who commented on how beautiful he was and how he was “very obviously a good pedigree” .l

….then asked “what breed is he?”

Wouldn’t have been so bad but she had a golden cocker with her.

So back I went to google. It had been a godsend when it came to getting information about canine epilepsy and treatments available. At least I thought so……Ian my vet got quite irritated by my constant “helpful advice”.

“You wouldn’t go to your doctor and tell him how to treat your children would you?”

Course not! Thanks to dr google’s advice I rarely had to take my children to the doctor!

Anyway back to Barney. He couldn’t be that unusual for his breed could he? So I did a search of Google images “cocker big black hairy male” ………And that was how I learned about internet safety settings 🙈

Just a normal day

7CF1FBE9-4A69-4432-9145-C8C15ACC5F6A“Normal isn’t normal, it’s just what you’re used to.”
― Marty Rubin

Well I spent the first hour of today wearing a hoody back to front. To be fair I noticed after half an hour but my husband didn’t so I thought why bother to change it! Obviously the hood wasn’t up at the time although there is no guarantee that even then he would have noticed. He’s no morning person and after 32 years of marriage I need to do something pretty spectacular for him to notice. Also I suppose as he’s used to seeing me in the morning in a unicorn/mad cow/Eeyore onesie he may not have thought this morning’s outfit was anything particularly strange.


I then changed to go out for the day. This time I wore a T-shirt with a cardigan and jacket over the top. ( I did have other items of clothing on but as this isn’t a fashion blog I’m not going into a full description).

I came back at lunchtime noticing that it seemed colder than when I left home. I took my jacket off to have lunch and realised my cardigan was missing. Now how do you lose one item of clothing while still wearing the item over it? Although I suppose if it’s a skirt and knickers……….actually I don’t think I want to go down that route 🙈

Different cardigan on and off I go to an appointment, then  to a coffee shop with my son. Home again and this time I realise I still have my cardigan but I’ve been wearing it inside-out.


Now I am the queen of wearing odd shoes or boots, I’ve also worn a dress inside-out while out with my husband one evening. He noticed halfway through the evening but decided it best not to tell me and spoil the evening, instead choking all night trying to subdue his laughter until we got back to the car. So I do have form…….But today seems to have been one thing after another! Is it my age? Facebook keeps throwing things at me suggesting that it is . Tonight I even clicked on one link but only because I thought it said “100 great ideas for mayonnaise” when it turned out to be menopause ……..I’ll not be having that for dinner then.

I can’t say anything though my own Facebook posts aren’t always what I intended them to be  – earlier autocorrect decided to change my FB post so that I knowledgeably advised someone that it was ok to give their nipping puppy a quick “shag “ then redirect their behaviour and praise. The word is “AHAH” 😳

And there are still several hours to go!!!


10 things I’ve least enjoyed about having pets

  1. The horror of going to the loo after your guests have used it and finding that the cat food you thought you’d flushed down it earlier is still floating suspiciously in the bowl 😳
  2. The look on the face of the delivery man standing outside your door as you are screaming abuse while on your hands and knees cleaning the floor…… wearing an Eeyore onesie……whilst a 10 stone Newfoundland ( the canine version not a slim Canadian) is attempting to hump you. Multi-tasking at its not so finest.
  3. The face of the vet when she realises that your huge handbag is in fact a very large leopard tortoise which you’d like her to examine.
  4. The face on the other vet when the tumour you’re concerned about under the tail of your little poodle cross is in fact a dangling turd.
  5. Having to repeatedly apologise to your neighbour because the Newfoundland had yet again managed to escape and was once more paddling in his fish pond
  6. The disbelief on the face of the policeman who comes to the door with that same Newfoundland who was causing an obstruction on the road ……..And you tell him you didn’t notice he was missing.
  7. The disgust on the faces of your husband and son when the Newfoundland (again) goes missing one Sunday morning so you have them trekking fields and climbing fences to find him…..Then you tell them you’d better let your daughter know as she was going to take him to the beach……..and only at that point you notice his lead and harness are also missing.
  8. The terror you feel when you discover the Newfoundland ( him again) has eaten all your boxer’s beef-flavoured heart medication ……And your vet informs you they’re a bit like Viagra…….. “so don’t be bending over in front of him for a few days”
  9. The embarrassment when you’re out with your daughter and her puppy /your ex foster pup and you realise that the small child is not do much excited by the puppy greeting him but distraught by the fact that the puppy has just stolen his Cornish pasty.
  10. The heartache you feel each time you have to say goodbye to a much-loved companion who you could never have enough time on this earth with 🌈

But yes I’d do it all again in a heartbeat ❤️