The guilty dog

So I know that dogs don’t really experience a sense of “guilt”. They live in the moment. What’s done is in the past……forgotten…..not related to them. They react to our reaction….tone of voice ….body language.

Now we have 4 dogs and nighttime’s are complex. Maisie the collie likes to sleep on our bed and if the door is closed to her she’ll go to my son instead. Bertie the jrt x chihuahua needs a bed big enough for his ego so he has the spare room all to himself.

Tiny sleeps with my youngest (adult) son because he’s the only one willing to take the chance on a wee bladder accident during the night. ( hers…..he hasn’t had that problem in many years).

Finn (the elderly newfy) sleeps on the rug at the bottom of the stairs. This works well unless Maisie or Bertie need the loo. They then have to bark for someone to move Finn and let them out…..unless it’s an emergency.

Last night we had an emergency. I got up this morning to be greeted with a little runny “present” next to the loo.

Now my whole house was struck down with a pretty nasty tummy bug this past week but I was pretty sure as adults we’d all manage to make it to the toilet…..or at least we’d have managed not to leave the evidence of our failure behind.

Instinctively I said crossly “Who did this?” Looked around and saw Maisie watching me with the typical “guilty dog” look!

“Maisie” I admonished and she hung her head in “shame”.

I cleaned up without another word then said “It’s ok let’s go”

A little shadow emerged from behind Maisie, licked her face apologetically, wagged his tail then charged off happily………and I thought about which dog had refused to leave my side during the course of the bug. Which one had curled up against my tummy under the covers like a little hot water bottle? Which one had I noticed had a gurgly tummy last night ? 🤔😳😂

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