This isn’t my body!

I’ve always been tall and slim….well nearly always. Being tall is actually the trick to being slim… can eat more than your small friends and if you put on a couple of lbs it’s spread more thinly over a greater area!

But now I’m in my 50’s there are wobbly rolls appearing and dimply bits!

I know it’s still possible to be slim at 50 plus! I have slim friends but they eat less and exercise more and I haven’t yet accepted that this is the only route to restoring my body to its former glory!

So I tried Skinny Coffee. I mean …..I like coffee and I want to be skinny….perfect!

Slight problem- it’s disgusting. Soooooo I mixed it up with real coffee which made it drinkable. But I can’t drink coffee without a biscuit so I drank more coffee and ate more biscuits 🤷‍♀️

A week later I’m not skinny. I am however very agitated and my concentration which previously measured about 3 on a scale of 1-10 is now

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