What’s it all about anyway?

Now including footage of my pole dancing routine!

Woman on the verge

Definition of verge – an edge or border, an extreme limit beyond which something specified will happen. Oxford Dictionary

So what am I on the verge off? What is it that’s going to happen?

I’ve been on the verge of a mental breakdown….well possibly toppled off the verge- in the past so thankfully not that.

On the verge of a new career? I keep trying that but not very successfully. So far I’ve ruled out Dog walker, classroom assistant, Relax Kids coach, survey interviewer……can I just say that this one was the most disappointing of all! I thought I was going to call with nice people who’d be happy to answer government surveys for the greater good of mankind! Turned out I was expected to check people’s bins to see if they were actually living in the house but hiding behind the curtains when they saw me. If I got…

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