What the heck just happened

Today I got very excited reading a post entitled

“10 reasons men prefer women over 40”

YES! I thought! I am still an attractive woman….. and then as quickly as the elation arrived it departed. By “over 40” they probably mean 40-42…….45 at a stretch….on a good day…….in low lighting……with Botox.

I wasn’t just “over 40” I was WELL over 40 and fairly motoring past 50 too! How did that happen??? When did it happen????

Just the other day I was 30 and struggling with three small children…… except for the days when I (apparently) introduced my friend and neighbour to pancakes with Bailey’s Cream…..at 11am 😳

Now if you don’t know what Bailey’s Cream is I’m not telling you and your life will never be as rich as mine. If you do know and don’t like it then you’re reading the wrong blog.

I feel I should point out that this was not something that we regularly did at 11am. It was obviously a very special occasion…….Like Christmas, a birthday, mum’s and toddlers day. That was always special. That one day week when you got to catch up with other mums and discuss things that only mothers know the universe pivots on……..like “should you call the doctor if your toddler’s nappy has green poo?” or “is it normal for snot to be yellow a week after a cold?” Im well aware it is no longer PC to have “Mothers” and toddlers group but it was in the early 90’s. Dad’s stayed at home struggling alone.

We mums, on the other hand, had a cuppa and a scone and came home reassured that all was well in our world.

So what I was saying is I’m exactly the same inside as I was then (unless that polyp was there then because it’s been removed since). I look in the mirror and I think I look the same outside. Then I look at two photos side by side and reality hits me 😫

I should never have had my hair permed ……Other than that things haven’t changed ……Pass the Bailey’s…..

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