Losing the plot

Those times when you think I’ve lost the plot I am simply re-writing it to make it more interesting

“So what age are your wee boys who were home alone and cooking” asked the nice firemen who came to put the fire in the kitchen out!!

(Actually they were 19 and 22 so we weren’t reported to social services)

Psychology appointment this morning.

“And what are your plans for the rest of the day?”

Sorting out the garden.

“That’ll be nice and relaxing!”


Just two of my Facebook memories from today.

I love Facebook memories. I’m the sort of person who twice went to see a movie I’d thought looked amazing in the trailers…… And instead went to see a totally different movie. Worst thing was the second time I went to see it it took me 20 minutes to realise it was the same “wrong” movie I’d been to see the week before and the “right” movie hadn’t actually been released yet!

So memory and concentration aren’t my strong points …..unlike Facebook which remembers everything (so be careful what you post)……this may be partly because of the breakdown I had a few years back and my risk-taking behavior. I do wonder had the psychiatrist followed me on Facebook would have have had a different view 🤔

Obviously I’m much better now…Even cutting branches of trees with an electric saw, a 50m extension and no safety equipment is nothing compared to my previous behaviour 😊

This also came up in my memories today A bit busier than my average weekend but not totally out of the ordinary for me. At 20 I was a student, at 30 a wife and mum of 3 small children, at 40 I was the mum of three teenagers and at 50 I was trying to find out who I “really am”.

Five years later I’m still trying but with the help of a combination of prescription meds and mindfulness I mostly don’t need to risk life and limb while trying……I even recently sold my unused electric chainsaw which I impulse-bought from lidl!

I’m practically completely sane now! Just need the weather to improve so I can get my new scaffolding put together and try out my also new electric reciprocating saw! Both impulse buys 🤔

Watch this space 😜

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