Just a normal day

7CF1FBE9-4A69-4432-9145-C8C15ACC5F6A“Normal isn’t normal, it’s just what you’re used to.”
― Marty Rubin

Well I spent the first hour of today wearing a hoody back to front. To be fair I noticed after half an hour but my husband didn’t so I thought why bother to change it! Obviously the hood wasn’t up at the time although there is no guarantee that even then he would have noticed. He’s no morning person and after 32 years of marriage I need to do something pretty spectacular for him to notice. Also I suppose as he’s used to seeing me in the morning in a unicorn/mad cow/Eeyore onesie he may not have thought this morning’s outfit was anything particularly strange.


I then changed to go out for the day. This time I wore a T-shirt with a cardigan and jacket over the top. ( I did have other items of clothing on but as this isn’t a fashion blog I’m not going into a full description).

I came back at lunchtime noticing that it seemed colder than when I left home. I took my jacket off to have lunch and realised my cardigan was missing. Now how do you lose one item of clothing while still wearing the item over it? Although I suppose if it’s a skirt and knickers……….actually I don’t think I want to go down that route 🙈

Different cardigan on and off I go to an appointment, then  to a coffee shop with my son. Home again and this time I realise I still have my cardigan but I’ve been wearing it inside-out.


Now I am the queen of wearing odd shoes or boots, I’ve also worn a dress inside-out while out with my husband one evening. He noticed halfway through the evening but decided it best not to tell me and spoil the evening, instead choking all night trying to subdue his laughter until we got back to the car. So I do have form…….But today seems to have been one thing after another! Is it my age? Facebook keeps throwing things at me suggesting that it is . Tonight I even clicked on one link but only because I thought it said “100 great ideas for mayonnaise” when it turned out to be menopause ……..I’ll not be having that for dinner then.

I can’t say anything though my own Facebook posts aren’t always what I intended them to be  – earlier autocorrect decided to change my FB post so that I knowledgeably advised someone that it was ok to give their nipping puppy a quick “shag “ then redirect their behaviour and praise. The word is “AHAH” 😳

And there are still several hours to go!!!


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