Now where was I

The thing about writing a blog……well about me writing a blog…. is that unlike a biography or a novel I don’t feel I need to write things in any particular order. Which suits me well as order isn’t something I do well…..Not even in a Chinese restaurant

“Em get me something that’s in a pinkish sauce”

All my life I’ve struggled to keep things in some sort of order. Today I think I’d be diagnosed with ADD but instead I was diagnosed as “daydreamer”, “scatty”……my youngest son was convinced his boss had met me recently at one of my favourite walking spots.

“Mum he described you exactly. She’d lost her phone and he said she was “dizzy””.

Seriously 26 years of motherhood plus 9 months pregnancy and he sees me summer up as a dizzy woman who loses her phone!

I told him recently that I’d read that the best way to declutter is to ask yourself “does this make you happy?”

He walked off shaking his head saying “Well there goes everything in the cutlery drawer for a start.” (Thank goodness he hadn’t seen what I’d done to my underwear drawer #womeninonesiesdontneedbras).

It seems there is a second part you are also meant to consider “Is this useful?”

Well how would I know? It might be? Someday I might need that piece of string/strange metal object/ worn but comfy shoe/ jeans that refuse to go over my hips…and kick myself for throwing them out!

Despite that I still seem to be at the recycling centre once a week (not just to dispose of my wine bottles). In fact the men on the gate who direct you to the appropriate recycling bay now just look at me and say “you know where to go don’t you!”

So how do I still have a disorganised house full of things I don’t need?

I live with three full-grown men all of whom are hoarders that’s how. My husband still has clothes older than our marriage!

That combined with the fact that I’m an impulse buyer – if I’d lost a pound for every pound I’ve spent on exercise equipment I’d have disappeared several times over. I’m also a proud owner of a camping shower ( I don’t camp) a baby bath ( my baby is 26) and a pole (of the pole dancing variety not a slave) just because they all such bargains.

So what I started off saying is forgive me if my blog is rambling and jumps from one thing to another. It reflects my life. So if you’ve taken time to read it and it is neither making you happy nor useful then feel free to throw it out 😘

“The true order is what the wind creates by scattering the leaves.” Marty Rubin

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