What’s it all about anyway?

Definition of verge – an edge or border, an extreme limit beyond which something specified will happen. Oxford Dictionary

So what am I on the verge off? What is it that’s going to happen?

I’ve been on the verge of a mental breakdown….well possibly toppled off the verge- in the past so thankfully not that.

On the verge of a new career? I keep trying that but not very successfully. So far I’ve ruled out Dog walker, classroom assistant, Relax Kids coach, survey interviewer……can I just say that this one was the most disappointing of all! I thought I was going to call with nice people who’d be happy to answer government surveys for the greater good of mankind! Turned out I was expected to check people’s bins to see if they were actually living in the house but hiding behind the curtains when they saw me. If I got bitten by a dog and it wasn’t life threatening I was to try to complete the survey before going for first aid. If the householder arrived at the door naked/drunk/drugged I should use common sense ……..but do my best to get the survey completed. All this for £8 an hour 😱

Anyway I ruled that out too. I also discovered I hadn’t the skills necessary for plumbing, decorating, hairdressing or pole-dancing so my choices were severely limited.

Am I on the verge of a great discovery? A cure-all, anti-aging, weight-loss treatment that improves your sex life and is suitable for vegans? No but these are freely available on amazon…..well by “freely” I mean at a price ….not that I have bought any of them or even looked.

By the way is there a way to clear your amazon history?

If I’m truthful I don’t actually have any idea of what I’m on the verge off I just know that I’m on the verge of something.

So let’s hope when we both discover what it is that it’s worth writing/reading about because one thing I can promise you is you’ll not get this time back 🤔

Maybe I could have been a pole dancer after all…..for a very niche market …..

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