What brought me here?

“Everything that I’ve done has made me who I am today. You know, it’s cliche, but it’s true.” – Kristin Cavallari

Did you ever sit and wonder what happened to that determined, little girl who knew exactly what she wanted from life and was determined to get there? Where is that ambitious, focused, hard-working but cool teenager who knew just where she was going?

No? Me neither.

I was the day-dreamer, the slightly eccentric, shy child who adored dogs and loved roaming in fields in wellies ( I don’t think onesies were available in the 60’s).

From there I became the awkward shy teen, who still daydreamed (and occasionally fell asleep in school),who still loved dogs but had no longer fields behind my house to roam in.(I think I’ve just spotted one of those pivotal moments  worth chatting to my psychiatrist about.)

I was always slightly accident prone. Well perhaps slightly doesn’t decrease a clear image. The fatherof-the-bride speech by my beloved dad included this “ If there’s one piece of advice I would,  give you when marrying my daughter it would be this……make sure you take out plenty of insurance”

Which reminds me I managed not to buy any more tools yesterday in B&Q. I didn’t get the floor down before dinner either so I’m off to do that now. I did manage to throw the old bed out of the landing window and I even remembered to shout a warning out the window before I let it fall! Unlike the time  I threw the chest of drawers out the window without a warning and my son was having a “quiet” cigarette at the front door. Sadly it still hasn’t stopped him smoking even though he discovered that day just how easily smoking could kill! I hope he has plenty of insurance DDADC243-0231-4D81-96F0-D0778F189D4F

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