Why not today

One day I’m going to write my memoirs/a book/a blog. I was 55 last month and it’s finally dawned on me that there’s a strong possibility my life may be more than halfway over. For the first 4 years I couldn’t write, for the next 4 I could only write with pencil and not joined up. After that I had no excuses but just a vague idea in my head  while knowing that this wasn’t the “one day” I would start. Until today….

Do I really know what this is going to be about? I suspect it will closely reflect my life. It will be full of stories about children, dogs, things that go wrong, unfinished projects, and7C77FD3D-2D17-4C34-9371-523AC6790611

I’m back but only briefly! I was interrupted by a man I needed to talk to about a septic tank……not just because they’re a fascinating topic for conversation but because ours has begun to act like something from a horror movie and suddenly the word “septic” has become a lot more meaningful 🤢

Have to dash to B&Q because I’ve decided to lay new flooring in one of the bedrooms. This is not something that was in my plan for today, this week not even for this year- but now it needs done before dinner. At this point I should point out that B&Q and I have an unusual relationship in that every time I visit it (or Lidl) I struggle to leave without at least one power tool that I’ll probably never know how to use. Since I bought a reciprocating saw, an angle grinder and a soldering iron in recent weeks I’m hoping today to control those desires……we shall see 😩

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